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Jews lived in Książ [now: Książ Wielkopolski, formerly: Xions] for over 300 years – until the 1920s. In the nineteenth century they constituted about 20% of the city's population. They participated in local historical events, had their representatives in the city council. The Jewish community had a synagogue, elementary school, mikvah and cemetery here.

Devastated by the Nazi occupier, the cemetery is located in the area managed by State Forests Jarocin Forest District, which – together with the Stowarzyszenie Nasza Gmina [ngo] – restores the memory of this place.

Cemetery and matzevot Jews in Książ Restore memory
Cemetery in Książ [Xions]

The Jewish cemetery in Książ survived until World War II. It is mentioned that here lies Schie (Jehoschua), son of Abraham Hepner, who died on May 3, 1872, after a hundred years. Probably at the beginning of 1940, the cemetery was closed down by the Nazis, and the broken matzevot served as curbs and flagstones. They paved, among others, the pavement around the Evangelical church (today the church of St. Anthony) in Książ. During the renovation of the church surroundings in 2019, the matzevot were removed by construction workers and secured by members of the Stowarzyszenie Nasza Gmina. They are the last trace of the existence of the Jewish community in Książ.
Photo below: recovered matzevot (part of).

A fragment of a military map from 1933 made on the basis of a topographic photo from 1888. A blue circle indicates the location of the cemetery
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