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Jews lived in Książ [now: Książ Wielkopolski, formerly: Xions] for over 300 years – until the 1920s. In the nineteenth century they constituted about 20% of the city's population. They participated in local historical events, had their representatives in the city council. The Jewish community had a synagogue, elementary school, mikvah and cemetery here.

Devastated by the Nazi occupier, the cemetery is located in the area managed by State Forests Jarocin Forest District, which – together with the Stowarzyszenie Nasza Gmina [ngo] – restores the memory of this place.

Cemetery and matzevot Jews in Książ Restore memory
Restore memory.
Lapidarium near cemetery

The Stowarzyszenie Nasza Gmina, acting in accordance with its statute and consistently implementing a program for the protection of local heritage, in March 2019 saved almost 100 fragments of matzevot discovered during the renovation of the pavement in the area located in Książ in destruction.

The scale of the discovery is so large, that we decided to launch a project to create a lapidary in the former cemetery. In this regard, we cooperate with State Forests Jarocin Forest District. Our activities are supported by Mrs Alicja Kobus, Chairwoman of the Board of the Jewish Community in Poznań.

Action plan
  1. Promotion: creation of an information board in the forest near the cemetery, creation of a website, development and printing of an information brochure.
  2. Inventory of recovered matzevot.
  3. Fence at the cemetery area with a low hedge.
  4. Architectural and construction design of the lapidary.
  5. Educational activities in the commune of Książ Wielkopolski.
  6. Building a lapidary.
  7. Grand opening of the lapidary.
  8. Constant care of the cemetery and lapidary.

The project is implemented by the Stowarzyszenie Nasza Gmina [Our Community Association]
with excellent support from State Forests Jarocin Forest District

The total cost of the project is about 50.000 PLN (12.000 EUR, 13.000 USD).

You can support the creation of a lapidarium by making a payment to the Associations bank account:
Spółdzielczy Bank Ludowy im. ks. Piotra Wawrzyniaka
Oddział w Książu Wielkopolskim
05 9084 1026 2004 0300 0195 0001
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